Terroir love in every bottle

100% Natural from vine to glass. All our grapes are hand-picked and carefully processed. In small harvest containers they are brought directly to the cellar where they are further processed without a mash pump. The spontaneous fermentation takes place through yeasts naturally occurring in the vineyard and cellar, without the addition of specially cultivated wine yeasts. Some wines receive a light filtration, most wines are not filtered. This is followed by a long phase of aging for the yeast. Just before bottling, and at that very moment; a minimal amount of sulphur is added. We give our wine time to grow. Each of our wines is a pure natural product.

Red wine

Our red wines are gently destemmed, partly fermented as whole grapes and then spontaneously fermented in large wooden barrels (grape yeasts). We gently press the grapes to avoid releasing bitter tannins. Then, a subsequent second fermentation (BSA) along with a long ageing on the yeast in large or small wooden barrels. Filtration happens only if necessary, and a small addition of sulphur before bottling and filling by gravity takes place. Our red wines are storage wines that are designed to age for a few more years.

White wine

To bring the full character of our white wines, we let the juice ferment in various small containers made of wood, concrete, clay or steel. We do not work according to recipes but instead support each wine individually to promote its personality. A long ageing on the yeast gives our white wines body and a fruity freshness.

Sparkling wine

We produce our sparkling wine in the "méthode traditionelle" using the Räuschling variety of grape. The Räuschling is particularly suitable for our sparkling wines because after a long ageing period on the yeast, it shows a wonderful acidity before “dégorgement”. We shake the bottles by hand to produce the gentlest wine making each bottle unique. When the fermentation process is complete we close our bottles with the most beautiful corks ensuring that the magic is sealed.

Our brandy

Burned from our Pinot Noir pomace and Räuschling yeast after they have been stored in wooden barrels for at least 5 years. These are fine digestifs with full aroma.