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Biodynamic Excellence at the Rhine Falls since 2004

We love every individual grape that make our wines. Shoulder to shoulder; our autochthonous Räuschling vine, a native of Zürich, sits comfortably beside the Pinot Noir and Malbec from our grounds to your glass. They tell the story of our vineyards, vines and our cultural heritage; bringing them to life since 2004. We strive to enhance and nurture our vines, and by using biodynamic methods for the basis of our viticulture, our passions are forged harmoniously by the earth and sky.

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We are on holidays till August 16, 2019
The winery be closed on Saturday, August 3 and 10. Thank you for your understanding.

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Wine tasting / Agenda

Taste our wines at one of the upcoming events.

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About us

Since 1984, the Strasser family has been growing their own wine. When Nadine and Cédric Besson-Strasser took over the estate,…

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vvWine tates the new vintages

Switzerland-based wine blog vvWine says “These young winegrowers have made enormous progress in recent years and today produce Swiss wines…

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