In harmony with the laws of nature

The individuality of our wine develops in the vineyard whose quality is then supported by the wine cellar. This means that the plant and the soil have to be cared for so that the juice contains everything during fermentation and nothing has to be added. Our aim is to make the terroir, or environmental factors, of each of our wines discernable. To do this we must create and support the best natural conditions for the vine and the composition of the grape itself. The interaction of climate, soil and landscape, night and day temperatures, precipitation distribution, sunshine hours, slope inclination, soil permeability and much more, forms each of our vineyards own unique, characteristic terroir.

Since 2004 we have been engaged in biodynamic viticulture and focus on a holistic approach. We promote soil fertility, the resistance of the vine and the quality of our harvest using this process. We strengthen our vines with tea and plant preparations instead of weed killers, artificial fertilizers and synthetic pesticides.

The farm's own compost is used for organic fertilization. This enables us to produce high-quality grapes in an environmentally friendly manner, improve soil fertility and promote rare animal and plant species. The diversity of cultivated and wild plants as well as microorganisms enriches soil life; making the soil a living organism. This is an important aspect that is expressed in the wine as the "taste of the terroir".

The earth is our canvas. We cultivate the raw material grape, which can only be refined with the help of nature.

Cédric Besson-Strasser

We observe the weather, the development of vegetation and the position of the planet. The elements determine when which work is done in the vineyard. To stimulate the soil, we use natural substances such as horn manure, whose rich compost is a vital biodynamic preparation. We use infusions of nettle, willow or chamomile tea to strengthen the vines and keep them as free as possible from diseases. Nutrients are provided by the farm's own compost, from our Ouessant sheep which graze the vineyards after the harvest, and "a plant in the wrong place" is as vital as any other produce in our vineyard.

Dandelions, various clover varieties and, for example, marigolds work in the depths and provide fodder for the microorganisms in the soil and the beneficial organisms on the plants themselves. In addition to their role as nutrient suppliers, these plants keep the soil on the slope together and improve its structure.

Biodynamics makes for more vibrant wines. Wines that trigger emotions

Nadine Besson-Strasser

Hand in Hand

From the vine to the bottle, every step is completed by hand - from the work in the vineyard to the pressing of the grapes and the bottling of the wine. Our wines are absolutely free of chemical or synthetic additives.

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